On vacation, take care of your gut



  • You must eat 5 fruits and vegetables and not exceed juice of 100 to 125ml, or 3 squeezed oranges for orange juice.
  • Meat and fish should be eaten without abuse and it is important to vary.
  • You have to listen to yourself because everyone has their own tolerance and enjoy meals while taking the time away from the screens.

The holidays are often accompanied by a food slack with the desire to have fun. Nutritionist Arnaud Cocaul, joined by Why Doctor, shares the few things you can do to avoid hurting our intestinal microbiota without forbidding yourself a few fantasies.

“Taste fruit juices like great wines”

Like all year round, eating 5 fruits a day should remain the basis of our diet. “They provide fibers that nourish our microbiota, reduce the risk of developing certain diseases such as colon cancer, provide vitamins and trace elements and strengthen our immune system., specifies Arnaud Cocaul. With a good fruit salad, we pamper our microbiota. ” Summer is usually the time to enjoy juices. Beware of excess because too much of it leads to an overflow of caloric intake and an overconsumption of fructose, the sugar naturally contained in fruits, which is not good for our liver. “People should taste fruit juices as if they were fine wines, estimates the nutritionist. They should not be drunk like a glass of water. The daily dose should not exceed 100 to 125 ml. ” For an orange juice, for example, it amounts to squeezing 3 oranges.
In addition to fruit, vegetables should also be eaten daily. The recommendations to eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day should remain the norm. Summer often rhymes with barbecue and vegetables are easily forgotten when they are necessary for our microbiota. “Sausage-fries-ice cream barbecues are catastrophic for the gut, insists Arnaud Cocaul. There is nothing that feeds him. The bacterial population of the intestines must be nourished because it protects us against infections so it is important to feed them properly. ” To do this, just add vegetables to the grill. “All vegetables are good, he continues. The more colors on the plate, the better. The more colors there are, the more nutrients there are for our digestive tract. Peppers, for example, have anti-oxidants that are very good for our body..”

Important to listen to yourself

Meat and fish must be consumed in a reasoned manner, without abuse. “These foods provide many benefits for our body, such as vitamins, but are not so good for our gut., notes Arnaud Cocaul. What is important is dietary diversity. Depending on the meat, we do not have the same intake. You have to vary. ” It is also necessary to pay attention to the quantities and not to abuse. Dairy products are good allies for our microbiota. “Proteins from soy or grains, such as oats or wheat, are gut-friendly.”
In addition to all this advice, the nutritionist adds that it is important to listen to yourself. “It all depends on the tolerance of each, he notes. Some people do not tolerate this or that fruit or vegetable. You have to listen to yourself and not abuse when you like something. ” Meals should be taken in a calm environment, without screens, and taking the time to chew is important. “Our brain needs to be aware of food, notes the nutritionist. Otherwise, he will eat automatically at the risk of being bloated or not being full because we would not be aware of what we have in the mouth. ” Physical activity should not be forgotten on vacation either because it allows “the digestive tract to function better with a more regular transit, adds Arnaud Cocaul. “Swimming, for example, is a good sport since the water allows you to massage the stomach.”

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