our tips to avoid misting your glasses


While the wearing of a mask is generalized, and even becomes compulsory in public transport, it can pose a few small concerns. In fact, people who wear glasses often find themselves annoyed by the fogging that settles on the glasses. Here are our five tips to fix it:

  • Perfectly fit your mask

Many masks for the general public have a twisting wire to conform to the shape of the nose. This prevents the hot air exhaled from the nose from landing on the glasses. It is also possible to add this iron filament in the lining of your homemade masks.

  • Place a folded handkerchief between the glasses and the nose

Second tip, position a folded tissue, horizontally, between the top of the mask and the nose. The handkerchief will fill the space left between the mask and the nose and will absorb the exhaled moisture.

  • Buy an anti-fog gel

It is possible to buy sprays or anti-fog gels on the Internet. Applied to the glasses using a microfiber fabric, they prevent fogging of the lenses.

  • Using shaving cream or liquid soap

Another tip, from grandmother this time. Liquid soap can be applied to the glass panes, inside and out, using a microfiber cloth to prevent fogging. The technique also works with shaving foam: after having applied it to the glasses, it must be rinsed with hot water.

  • Get a “Pince Mi”

The French company SMG invented a stainless steel clamp to better hold the fabric masks on the face, and thus avoid the formation of fogging on the glasses. The “Mi Clamp” is available on the manufacturer’s website.

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