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Jaime Valdes could not take it anymore. “Go back to planet Earth,” Pajarito announced on his Twitter account. The phrase did not contain a subject, but the accompanying image did. The illustration showed him with Humberto Suazo, the eternal scorer who was assigned residence by football culture in a place that astronomers do not recognize, but his fans do. They say that Pacifier comes from Planet Gol. And that from that place he returns at 39 to return to the First Division, clad in the Deportes La Serena shirt. There he would meet the midfielder again, with whom he played before in Colo Colo and the National Team, and who now receives him with the enthusiasm of one more admirer. The passage through the albos, which he defended until 2015, had been the last of the sanantonino for the main category of Chilean soccer.

On Friday the 3rd, Suazo informed Deportes Santa Cruz, the club that had recruited him at the beginning of the season, that he would not continue at the institution. He gave no reasons. They never saw him again at the club’s facilities, where the squad works in groups of six players, to prevent coronavirus infections. He managed to play 270 minutes in the three games he played with the Sixth Region squad, which he was excited about after passing through San Antonio Unido, where he broke a two-year retirement to play in the Professional Second Division.

“I wanted to play one more year and this possibility opened up. Unfortunately in San Antonio nothing had been given and I have known Professor Arica (Osvaldo Hurtado) since I was 15 years old in Catolica, ”declared the forward on January 17, when he was introduced. The scorer of the 2010 South Africa Playoffs praised the institutional project and warned that he still had something to deliver on the court. “I realized that I still have football. We discussed it with the family and I am very happy. I hope to prepare myself well to give happiness to the people of Santa Cruz, ”he said.

Hurtado experienced in the last days a traumatic flashback. The coach had been one of those who suffered from the indiscipline that put Suazos career at risk when he was in the crusaders. A lack of commitment that led him to take a much longer lap than that required by his conditions to make a place for himself in soccer. Today he recognizes himself beaten. Disappointment is evident in his words. “It was surprising, from one day to the next. There is annoyance at the club level ”, he admits. Arica points out that Suazos departure formally depends on the agreement reached by Santa Cruz and La Serena. However, he resigned himself to no longer having his main offensive referent. “It is true that he expressed the idea of ​​leaving. Until now there is nothing signed, but it is a fact that he plays in La Serena or he does not play any more ”, emphasizes the strategist to La Tercera. Finally he has had 270 minutes, three games.

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In La Serena, however, they opt for hermeticism. Throughout the day, neither the leadership led by Cristian Contador nor the technician Francisco Bozan answered calls from Third. In its formal channels there have also been no references to the bombastic incorporation, announced last night by the YouTube channel Todo es Cancha.

Administratively, after La Serena and Santa Cruz agree to the transfer conditions, Chupete should have no problem registering as a new garnet player. Although the pass book was closed in the hours prior to the start of the fourth date, the contingency derived from the pandemic will force a reformulation of the championship bases that will favor the intention to sign it, as the market will reopen. The matter was discussed on Wednesday 8 at the meeting held by the Return Commission and the president of the First Chamber of the Disciplinary Tribunal, Exequiel Segall. “Alternatives of possible modifications to the bases of the tournaments related to the closing dates and start of the wheels of the 2020 season, transfer period and TMS, were shared to adapt them to the reality of Chilean football,” a statement published in the official ANFP site.

The changes will be submitted to the opinion of the Council of Presidents, although it is estimated that there will be no problems for their approval, since the same institutions have been the ones that have promoted the variants. The instance, which in line with the new order that the coronavirus requires, will be carried out electronically, has not yet been called.

The modification will not be the only one, since the reduction of minutes for youth players will also be analyzed, considering that the condensation of the calendar may imply a greater risk of injury for soccer players who are completing the training process. The initial proposal is to cut the requirement in half.

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