Pathologists Discover Unusual Changes in Bodies of Covid-19 Dead


Pathologists at the American LSU Health Clinic in New Orleans found that Covid-19 probably did not cause myocarditis-related heart muscle injury as they previously believed, but a unique pattern of cell death in parts .

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Doctors performed an autopsy on 22 patients, who died from the coronavirus, aged 44 to 79. Most had high blood pressure, half had type 2 diabetes, and another portion were obese. The results of this study were published on July 21 in the journal Circulation.

Doctors Richard Vander Heide said doctors identified gross and microscopic changes that called into question the version that severe forms caused by the coronavirus are accompanied by typical myocarditis.

According to the source, pathologists found that SARS-CoV-2, unlike SARS, was not present in cells. Medical doctor Sharon Fox also pointed out that the diffuse alveolar lesion with an enlarged right ventricle could indicate a high cardiac load.

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In addition, Heide indicated that endothelial damage caused by cytokines could not be ruled out. The effect of the “cytokine storm” (severe overreaction of cells of the immune system fighting infection) may also play an important role, the doctor added.

He stressed that the mechanism of heart damage by Covid-19 was unknown, but the data obtained will help to better understand the course of the disease and to prescribe the necessary treatment in a timely manner.

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