Patrick Scalabrini at the helm of the Charlesbourg Alouettes.


With the cancellation of the Quebec Capitals season, Patrick Scalabrini takes the reins of the Charlesbourg Alouettes in the Quebec Elite Junior Baseball League (LBJEQ).

With their mediocre start to the season (0-9) and the departure of their new manager, Frederic Lajoie, the rest of the Charlesbourg Alouettes’ cropped campaign did not bode well.

Fortunately for them, it turns out that a professional team manager was available precisely because of the exceptional circumstances.

“There are no Capitals this year and he’s a guy with a lot of baseball experience. We thought he must start to find the long time at home, so we went all-in! ” explains the president of the team, Pier-Alexandre Bernier, about the hiring.

“This is the one we need to complete the rest of the season. All we need is a spark, and I think that’s what we’re going to get with Pat. It can only be beneficial to us, ”he adds.

For the “boys”

With the impossibility of leading the Capitals this summer, Patrick Scalabrini had resigned himself to spending the first summer without baseball of his “adult life”.

But his love of the game did not fade. When he was offered the job in the middle of the week, he didn’t hesitate for long.

“I enjoyed my summer a little more relax. But with the current situation of the Alouettes, I realized that it was an opportunity that I had to seize, as much for the boys that for me ”, tells the principal interested who is not disappointed to put on his crampons again.

He now hopes to be able to help the team end the season on a high note and “get their boat back on the water” before returning to “his” Capitals in 2021.

“It’s a winning situation for everyone,” he says.

A suprise

And Scalabrini is not coming alone. In addition to adding Guillaume Simoneau to the coaching staff as pitching coach, the manager has a little surprise in store for his new charges.

To restore the pride of yesteryear to the organization, “which may have gone a bit lost for some”, Patrick Scalabrini will call, from time to time, to “superstars coaches”.

“The first will be Mr. Alouettes in person: Joce Blais. He literally has the CA tattooed on his heart! ” he says, determined to have fun with his new team. Blais, who pitched briefly with the Capitals, was one of the biggest pitchers in the Alouettes organization and he does have the team logo tattooed on his chest.

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