Petrucci starts with a big fall, trapped by oil


Nearly five months after its last test on the handlebars of the Ducati GP20, Danilo Petrucci resumed the track on Wednesday in Jerez, but not under the expected conditions. From the start of the second MotoGP riding session, the Ducati rider was indeed trapped by oil which had escaped from the Aprilia of Aleix Espargaro and he was left with a heavy fall.

While the tests had to be stopped for about 40 minutes, Petrucci went through the medical center, where he was diagnosed with no injuries. He still ended this day of recovery with neck pain that fueled his concern about the condition that would be his for the first Grand Prix of the season, which will start tomorrow in Jerez.

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“Unfortunately I had a very big fall. I was in a group of riders and rather at the front of this group. Aleix was in front and when he braked smoke escaped from his motorcycle. I have everything immediately thought it was oil, but a U-turn later it continued to roll well, so I figured it wasn’t that, “ said the Ducati driver at the end of the day.

“But when I got to turn 11, I lost the front end. It was a very fast turn, a long straight in third, at 150 km / h. I started to roll and roll hit my head two or three times “, continued Petrucci, who ended his test prematurely. “I saw the stars, so we decided to stop the afternoon session, but it was unfortunately the most important because it took place at the time of the race. I must say in all I was lucky because I only have neck pain at the moment. “

In order to alleviate the harm, Petrucci received injections of painkillers. He was nonetheless worried Wednesday evening about what his feelings might be this morning, and added: “I don’t know how my neck will react tomorrow. At the moment I’m just wrinkled, but tomorrow morning I think I will have more problem. I hope not but I think it will be, because I took a very big blow to the head. “

A final four-month season with Ducati

With this appointment in Andalusia, Danilo Petrucci begins what promises to be his last season with Ducati, while his transfer to the KTM clan was announced last month. If he wanted to prove himself at the first Grands Prix, he quickly learned that there would be no place for him in his current team, after the promotion of Jack Miller. It is therefore natural that he probed the remaining options in MotoGP and found an agreement with the Austrian manufacturer.

He assures that his feelings after signing this new contract are not comparable to those of last year, when at the same time his renewal with Ducati had relieved him. “It’s very different. Everything is very different, the championship is different, we resume on a track where we had never raced with these temperatures, after a long break. Given the change in carcass of the rear tire, the hierarchy is yet to be defined … Frankly, I do not think about next year, especially since this year has not yet started. “

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“Ducati made this decision. They said I was out for next year, so I had to move”, he says. “But as I have often said, I have yet another year with Ducati, with a motorbike with which I have already won and with which I want to win again. Of course, I’m happy to stay in MotoGP, but at the moment I don’t want to think about next year yet. “

“I have a very hard year ahead of me, during which I have to perform as well as possible, because I want to continue in MotoGP to the best of my possibilities and with the best mental approach for next year. For the moment I am so focus on finishing the year at best with Ducati and trying to win again. “

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