Pierre-Jean Chalencon (Concluded Case) gets annoyed in front of a buyer by Sophie Davant (VIDEO)


Explosive atmosphere this Wednesday in the auction roomCase concluded. Sophie Davant’s star buyers fought for a pair of items in need of major renovation.
It is a beautiful pair of candelabra that Catherine, 65, came to sell to buyers ofCase concluded this Wednesday. Gleaned during a legacy, these were surmounted by two pretty bronze cherubs added. But the interior decoration of the seller does not seem to go with the style of the two bulky objects! Direction therefore the auction room of Sophie Davant ! Small disappointment, however, for Catherine facing the low estimate of the expert: only 200 euros. The fault is of disparate styles between the columns and the cherubs, incomplete and in poor condition. Stung to the heart, Catherine would therefore have to fight in front of colleagues Pierre-Jean Chalencon.

Pierre-Jean Chalencon gets annoyed and impatient

And the specialist of Napoleon, on the departure ofCase concluded after repeated polemics (despite the warnings of Sophie Davant), showed teeth, because of his interest in these two objects. Pierre-Jean Chalencon was indeed annoyed by the procrastination of Francois Cases Bardina, secondhand dealer and cabinetmaker. If the whole gang seemed very interested in these candelabras, many of them have been fussy about their shortcomings and differences. What annoy Pierre-Jean Chalencon who ended up dropping a thunderous: “Good listening, we don’t care, it’s nice (…) It’s decorative, it’s even chic. It’s not for me, but it’s chic“, while still launching the 100 euro auction.

The auctions are soaring!

Still asking for a little more time to think about the necessary restoration, the cabinetmaker was tackled by the “think fast” of Pierre-Jean Chalencon, more and more impatient! Good news for Catherine (who wet the shirt during this sale), the price of her candelabra soared to 900 euros after several new minutes of negotiation. For the benefit of Francois Cases Bardina. A pretty rocker which unfortunately did not benefit this other saleswoman; the imperfection of his painting had indeed collapsed the auctions.

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