Plze qualifies for LM ek Alkmaar, Lokomotiva Zheb and PAOK Solu


Footballer Plzn is happy with glu in a duel with Liberec.

| photo: Petr Eret, MF TODAY

Plea will be among those deployed darkness and I can be sure that he will avoid Rapid Vde and the Turkish team. This should include the whole house of the Besiktas Istanbul competition, or the species Trabzonspor with the Czech defender Filip Novek was excluded from the European Cups. He appealed against the verdict, the international CAS arbitrator did not decide to go.

The last one of the three opponents in the 2nd lap was recognized by Zpadoei on Saturday after the dramatic turn of the Croatian league. In the 88th minute, the Zheb glem locomotive increased 2: 1 in Osijek and won the battle for the second place in the table, which means victory in the 2nd pedigree of the Champions League.

It has been known for a long time that one of the monch rivals is Alkmaar, who was a member of the Dutch league at the time. This option is the Czech vice-champion, who should be PAOK Solu. The unit from the capital city will succeed at CAS with an appeal against the deduction of points and should end before AEK Atny in the end table of the home competition.

Who threatens Slavia? And how does Sparta avoid qualifying? Pohrov insight for esk clubs

The qualifications of the European Cups and the victory of the 4th pedigree of the Champions League will be played due to the coronavirus pandemic only in one place instead of the traditional two. The child will decide on the child.

If Pilsen is able to pass the 2nd round, ensure minimum participation in the group of European Leagues. In the 3rd pedigree of the League, the champion would not be deployed to the Czech vice-champion and would get one of the top teams Benfica Lisbon, Dynamo Kyiv, Ghent and Besiktas, who would have to master the previous pedigree.

Master Slavia has the great idea that, just like last year, he entered the qualification of the Champions League and in the twilight of the 4th preschool. To do this, Praan needs the current ronk to win a team that will also secure itself in a group from home competition. If that didn’t happen, he would blush to the 3rd pedicle. In the case of the 4th preschool, they would have a certain minimum group of the European League.

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