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Defense Minister Walter Martos assured that at the moment there is no “second wave” of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Peru, despite the fact that infections have slightly increased after the partial lifting of restrictive measures in the country. .

During a civic action in the Villa Rica human settlement, located in the Lomo de Corvina area, he indicated that the situation of infected “Still manageable” and the supply of health is increasing.

“The assessment we have made so far is that the level of contagion has increased slightly, but not significantly, it is still manageable. So far we do not have a second wave. The health offer is being implemented and constantly increased at the national level ”he expressed.

In this sense, Martos announced that next week there will be a balance of the situation in the country, after decreeing the quarantine focused on seven regions due to the spread of the COVID-19.

“The balance that we have after the restrictive measures have been lifted is precisely between 10 and 15 days. We are going to wait this coming week to see the impact that the partial removal of the quarantine has had. Let’s not forget that the pandemic continues and we continue with a focused quarantine “he asserted.

The minister also reiterated that in this new stage, vulnerable people and children should not go out.

About the activities by National Holidays, the Minister of Defense stated that the traditional parade of the Armed Forces and the police for National Holidays was suspended this year.

Finally, Martos specified that other activities will be developed with a protocol where there is little capacity and social distancing to avoid more contagions from the COVID-19.

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