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The work of Omar Chehade (APP) to bring plenary constitutional reforms that eliminate the prerogatives of high officials continues to be the target of criticism. Three benches demand his resignation from the presidency of the Constitution Commission for causing a new clash between Congress and the Executive, and for causing the resignation of renowned constitutionalists to the Advisory Council of this working group in protest. The blocks conclude that the charge has been too large.

The spokesman for Purple party (PM), Francisco Sagasti, told Peru21 Chehade should not have debated a constitutional reform without first discussing it.

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Because of this, the Purple Party issued a statement yesterday asking for Chehade’s resignation and for his party to designate a “suitable replacement that meets the circumstances.”

For his part, Lenin Checco, a spokesman for the Broad Front, told this newspaper that they have asked the Board of Directors and the APP “to have the possibility of changing it.”

In addition, Carlos Almeri (Podemos) expressed last Thursday that the questioned legislator should “step aside before the legal aberrations” approved last Sunday.

On the other hand, the constitutionalist Beatriz Ramirez He told this newspaper that “a change in the presidency of the Constitution would be healthy,” but this will depend on APP.

“If your caucus considers as a political gesture that what was done was wrong, they should withdraw it,” he said.

He also added that “if APP does not want to withdraw it, it is because it has no intention of correcting the plan.”

In this line, the political analyst declared Gerardo Tavara, who adds that Chehade has not had a proper handling of the Constitution and has not responded with legal rigor to the questions to his work. “He has lost the authority it takes to run the commission,” said Tavara.

Meanwhile, the former congressman Richard Arce He said Chehade should resign “for ethics and propriety.”

“They use Congress for their political proposals and it leaves the country in a very bad way. Their private interests prevail, to the detriment of the national interest, ”said Arce.


– The APP caucus supports Chehade and his work. “The continuity of the Constitution Commission is being supported, despite the requests of Podemos and the Frente Amplio,” said the alternate APP spokesperson, Moises Gonzalez.

– Popular Force and Frepap indicated that they have not established a position on the subject.

– Congressman Luis Felipe Castillo (Podemos) asserted that “this is not the time to cut heads” in the Constitution commission.

– The former president of the TC Victor Garcia Toma and the former congressman Victor Garcia Belaunde They point out that the responsibility for the reforms lies with the legislators.


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