“Preliminary analysis” of Boeing black boxes completed


Plane crash

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada said the investigation into the Boeing shot down in Tehran in January was still “far” from being over.

On Monday, the French BEA announced the extraction of data from the two black boxes of the plane by experts.


An international team of investigators has carried out a preliminary analysis of black box data from the Ukrainian Boeing which was shot down in January over Tehran, Canadas Transportation Safety Board (TSB) said Thursday.

“The upload and preliminary analysis of the data is an important milestone in what must be a thorough and transparent safety investigation,” said TSB President Kathy Fox, without elaborating on the conclusions of this analysis.

“The work in Paris may be over, but the investigation is far from it. Many questions remain unanswered, ”added Kathy Fox, quoted in a statement. “We urged Iran to release factual intelligence from the recorders as quickly as possible,” she said, adding that Iran, which is leading the security investigation, has not given permission to that the TSB release details.

Shot “by mistake” on January 8

A team of investigators, from countries whose nationals died when the plane crashed, met this week at the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) , in Paris, to proceed with this extraction. On Monday, the French BEA announced the extraction of data from the two black boxes of the plane by experts.

These data include the “Cockpit Voice Recorder” (CVR), which records conversations between pilots and noises in the aircraft, as well as the “Flight Data Recorder” (FDR), which records all flight parameters (speed, altitude , engine speed, trajectory, etc.). The data was handed over to the Iranian Bureau of Investigation. The latter directs the safety investigation in which the BEA acts as technical service provider.

The Iranian armed forces had admitted on January 11 to have shot down “by mistake” three days earlier the Boeing operating Ukraine International Airlines flight PS 752 between Tehran and Kiev, shortly after takeoff from Tehran international airport. The tragedy claimed the lives of 176 people aboard the aircraft, mostly Iranians and Canadians, many of them binational.

After diplomatic passes between Canada and Ukraine, which demanded that the black boxes be sent abroad for analysis, the French BEA had indicated at the end of June that Iran had officially requested its technical assistance to repair and download the data from the black boxes.


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