Preview of Black Hat USA 2020


Security-Insider Podcast – Folge 19 Preview of Black Hat USA 2020

Even before the official start of Black Hat USA 2020, we provide a foretaste of the event and lecture program via podcast: Udo Schneider from Trend Micro reports on the flair of the event and reveals the topic with which his colleagues Federico Maggi and Marco Balduzzi made it into the current program to have.

What is the famous black hat conference and how do you get there with a lecture topic? More on this in our new podcast episode. (Photo: Vogel IT media)

Black Hat USA 2020 kicks off tomorrow; But already today you can find out in our podcast what the security industry will be discussing in the days from August 1st to 6th. As experts, we invited Udo Schneider to the virtual studio. The IoT Security Evangelist at Trend Micro not only knows the ambience of the lighthouse event. At the same time, the expert also knows what is behind the keyword “OTRazor”. With this and attacks on industrial robots, his colleagues Federico Maggi and Marco Balduzzi made it into the official lecture program.

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About: Udo Schneider

Udo SchneiderUdo Schneider as IoT Security Evangelist Europe deals with cyber risks for the (industrial) Internet of Things and their defense. Prior to that, he was the general responsibility for Trend Micro as a security evangelist for IT security threats after working as a solution architect (EMEA) for several years developing appropriate measures against these threats.

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