Rider (26) runs under her own horse and dies


Schwyzer equestrian days

A fatal accident occurred during the Schwyzer Equestrian Days. Any help came too late for a 26-year-old rider.

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A tragic accident occurred in Ibach SZ on Sunday afternoon.


The four-day equestrian days of the Schwyz Cavalry Club in Ibach came to a sad end. As the “Messenger of Original Switzerland” reports, a rider fell off a horse after a jump and fell under her hooves. The tournament was canceled.

Shortly before 5 p.m., the 26-year-old rider completed the course when she lost her balance while jumping over an oxer and fell off her horse, as the Kapo Schwyz writes in a media release, for reasons that have not yet been clarified. The 8-year-old mold stepped on the rider and seriously injured her. Despite immediate medical help from the rescue service and a Rega team, the rider died on the spot.

“We are all deeply affected,” says Manuela Burgi from the Schwyz Cavalry Association on request. But she does not want to comment on the incident. “We are with our thoughts to the family and the relatives and send a lot of strength for the coming time,” says a public statement of the association.

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