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HUNGARY GRAND PRIX – Max Verstappen put George Russell in his place on Saturday after the Williams driver said Red Bull made Alexander Albon “look like an idiot”.

With the results, George Russell gained confidence. The Briton Williams, who qualified twelfth on Saturday at the Hungaroring, with 0.017 of margin over Alexander Albon, rushed to the aid of his friend, explaining that his Red Bull team “makes him look like an idiot”.

Hungarian Grand Prix

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Since the start of the season, the Thai has been in pain behind the wheel of the RB16, about which Christian Horner, director of Red Bull Racing, admitted that she has “unpredictable behavior”. Which does not date from this weekend.

Alexander Albon qualified 5th, 7th and 13th, respectively 0 “391, 0” 522 and 0 “732 (in Q2) from his teammate, Max Verstappen. After the Austrian Grand Prix last week, Red Bull wondered about his lack of competitiveness in the first part of the race, with the full tank of gasoline, which contrasts with his pace during the second half of the Grand Prix.

Verstappen doesn’t always speak for himself

On Saturday, George Russell wanted to defend Alexander Albon, whom he rubbed shoulders with throughout his rise in the junior categories. “I’ve known him for 15 years, been with him in the same paddock, explained the Briton at the microphone of Sky Sports F1. He’s one of the best pilots. Everyone can tell you: he has always been ahead in everything he has done. I feel bad for him because they “make him look like an idiot, which he absolutely isn’t. He’s been successful in everything he’s done. I don’t know what’s going on, but they have to figure that out for him. “

A position that Max Verstappen did not appreciate. “George doesn’t know anything about the team, he better take care of his car and his performance, rather than talking for others, reacted the Dutchman, for And to clarify that he applies this rule himself. Finally, almost. In Austin, in 2019, he had accused Ferrari of cheating, without evidence. The Scuderia had taken it very badly and Red Bull had blamed its driver for that outing.

Hungarian Grand Prix

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Hungarian Grand Prix

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