Saviola did not hesitate to choose Gallardos replacement on the bank of River


Marcelo Gallardo is, for many, the most important technical director in the entire history of River Plate. It generated a true revolution in the Millonario group and won the hearts of all the fans.

However, it is an absolutely inescapable fact that the doll’s stay in the whole of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Nunez will not doubt forever. And, on that day, River will have to find a suitable replacement.

In this context, many names entered the dance of possible substitutes. Among them ex-players of the institution such as Eduardo Coudet, Hernan Crespo, German Burgos and several others.

And who referred to this matter was Javier Saviola, another former player of River who even knew how to be directed by Gallardo in his second stage at the institution. And he did not hesitate to apply for an old partner: Pablo Aimar.

“Hopefully, if at some point Marcelo has to leave, Aimar can be there because he has everything to be the River manager. I would love to. I think Pablo has all the characteristics to be able to be”He started pointing.

“He knows the club, he grew up there, he knows how to think, he has the character and he has learned a lot in the time he was as a player”Saviola deepened in a talk he had with Atilio Costa Febre.

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