Seasonal trades at the time of Eid Al Adha … How necessary what they offer!


Thursday, July 23, 2020 at 11:49 AM

-By Saad Bouzrou-

Rabat, 07/23/2020 (MAP) – Eid Al Adha is on the outskirts and the seasonal professions that accompany it on the lookout, in particular thanks to the gradual lifting of containment due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the revival of the economic activity that it carried with it.

So much for recognizing it from the outset: the Feast of Sacrifice is placed each year, for the most part, under the seal of the “ad hoc” trades that swarm on the occasion of its approach. It would be enough, in this respect, to search the small market of the neighborhood to inquire or benefit from the services and products oh how necessary it offers!

The followers of these intermittent tasks are generally divided between those who already exercise a first trade related to the butcher’s shop and others and who, the occasion makes the thief, want to have a storefront on this occasion and those who, locked for one reason or another, decide to come out of their torpor to blend into the background.

They are in fact legion and one can count there – the list is not exhaustive – the knife rewinders, the professional slaughterers and cutters at the work of the slaughter and skinning of the sheep, the sellers of charcoal of wood essential for lighting the terracotta brazier or even those of kitchen utensils intended expressly for Eid rituals, etc.

On top of that, Abdelilah Benkeddour is one of those who devote himself to these episodic jobs to legitimately win the cup. Butcher by profession in the Akkari district in Rabat, this year he has not given up on his old habit of slaughtering the sheep of “old” customers, in full compliance with the sanitary provisions decreed by the authorities.

“We have clients to whom we are also going to visit this year, equipped with our sterilized equipment and the authorizations that will be issued to us by the local authorities”, confides this thirty-year-old MAP with a blissful air. However, he said he noticed that “the Eid atmosphere is almost absent and that the usual influx of customers to the market in these times is different, even very low compared to previous years”.

Unlike Mr. Benkeddour, an “old man” from the butcher’s shop in the name of Kassem told us that he intended not to be in cahoots this year with the slaughter of cattle, admitting to being at the end of the line and regretting “the decrease from year to year in the number of sheep to be slaughtered and cut up ”.

As for Youssef Ejjoulali, a young charcoal seller in the same district, he lets us know that he has prepared “several quantities to sell them in full compliance with the preventive measures in force”, sounding the same tocsin for the decline. of customers due to the epidemic, he who used to sell his merchandise at “tire-larigot”.

Same story with Ihabi Nadir, a forty-year-old seller of kebabs and company who testifies that the coronavirus has “impacted the influx” of buyers in this period of before Eid, saying that so much is left a few more days for Eid, “patience strengthens our hope of selling our merchandise very soon”.

All in all, the Covid-19 pandemic has had, in addition to its shadow on the global and national economy, an impact and not the least on “small” trades in all directions. Supporting evidence, among other things, are the seasonal workers who face the economic “sequelae” of the virus. Alas!

As a reminder, the Ministry of the Interior has taken a series of measures to organize the operation of sacrifice on the occasion of the feast of Eid Al Adha 1441. Authorizations will, in this regard, be issued by the local authorities to professional butchers and seasonal people performing the ritual of sacrifice and will first be subjected to tests for covid-19, in coordination with the competent health authorities, said a press release from the department.

They will also be equipped with the tools and products likely to guarantee compliance with the preventive measures in force, such as protective masks, antiseptic and disinfectant products.

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