Simeone’s advice to improve VAR


Atletico saw how against Betis VAR nullified two goals, warned the referee to check the red card to Hermoso and Costas goal and Simeone spoke.

Atletico de Madrid certified its classification for the Champions League after beating Betis (1-0) in a match where many controversies were experienced. Atleti saw how two goals were canceled from the VAR in the first half, how the referee kept his decision to send off a red card to Hermoso despite the warning from his colleague in the VAR and how the uncertainty even remained for a few minutes after the Costas goal that was also reviewed by a possible hand.

After that eighth consecutive classification for the Champions League under the command of Simeone, the Atletico de Madrid coach was asked by the VAR and if there is any way to improve the refereeing controversy with which they live day after day.

“It would seem to me a good option that the former referees who no longer referee on a daily basis, may have that possibility of managing the VAR themselves. They lived many years of their lives in football and today they are elsewhere and are no longer competing Sunday after Sunday with their colleagues, that would be a good option “, affirmed a Cholo that press conference after press conference is asked by the same song.

“They hit us and we get up”

On the spirit of Atletico de Madrid, Simeone wanted to praise the work done at Atleti: “It was a tough game with a lot of episodes that could not favor us” and added that “The expulsion caused us many difficulties with all the accumulated fatigue and with 40 minutes to compete. It gives me goose bumps explaining it, but when I tell them that in the field there are no bodies but the soul is there, and the moment of difficulty He took a game forward from the collective effort, the conviction, how Vitolo, Carrasco or Costa doubled. It is the conclusion, it is a group that get along very well and they show it in the game “.

Finally and in this regard he left a phrase that defines what is the philosophy that Simeone applies to this Atletico de Madrid: “They hit us and we reinvent ourselves, we fall and we get up again and we always compete. We will continue to do so, hopefully with all the energy of managers, fans, footballers and people to maintain themselves.”

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