Skriniar in Manchester? Double deal for Giroux and Palmieri – Mercato


Imagine dropping Skriniar for 60M and slamming half on Emerson is just inconceivable. The market with or without corona does not allow the sale of a Skriniar for less than 85M.

He is young, strong, and even if the season is less good he remains strong.

Large size, strong, not degeu ball to the foot .. too many characteristics that make him a top defender. There are very few players of his age and caliber. Selling it would be much worse than selling Lautaro and yet I am among those who think that selling Lautaro for less than 110M would be nonsense and a failure.

In short Skriniar must become a future captain for me. A defensive standard of the inter like vidic or Ferdinand were with ManU.

If you keep Devrij, Skriniar and Bastoni (replace defense at 2 or in titu for defense at 3) You are quiet for 5 years. These three should not be touched. Keep them for a maximum of years. I will never forget crossing the desert in defense since 2010 .. 10 years to find real defenders .. it is not to release them.

To come back to Skriniar he is less good in a defense at 3 as Devrij would be if he did not play in the axis. He sacrifices himself but in the axis he would be better and he is aware of it but he has more capacities for play on one side as Devrij and I love this sacrifice. Hopefully this defense at 3 does not plummet his morale if the results of the team do not arrive. But for me it is a fighter and an incredible nugget. He never hid behind the modulo. He plays continues to fight and plays well despite some errors.

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