Special couple photo on Instagram – “so proud”


They have been married for over ten years: Lisa and Thomas Muller. The pair regularly cause enthusiasm among their followers with pictures of couples. So now.

Altogether, the Bavarian showcase couple follow over 7.5 million people on Instagram – the vast majority are the soccer star of Bayern Munich. But Thomas Muller and his wife are also popular as a couple and use private snapshots to provide a little highlight on social media every now and then.

Especially since the joint recordings often portray the passion for riding and horse breeding in particular. After all, Lisa Muller is a dressage rider. So the 30-year-old spends a lot of time at the horse farm.

This time the picture is a special feature. The obvious: Thomas Muller, his wife, two horses left and right of them. As Lisa turns on her husband, the Bajuware grins at the camera with both ears. And there is a reason for this: the FCB professional apparently raised a mare – her name is Ella. In her post, Lisa Muller even speaks of “self-bred”.

Enthusiasm for the couple picture is great

In his Insta story, Thomas Muller takes up the picture again and writes “so proudly” about the posting. The 30-year-old can now increasingly dedicate the current summer break of the German soccer league to what he calls the “talented girl”. His fans are enthusiastic, over 110,000 likes have accumulated in no time. You can read about “Congratulations” and “Congratulations” and many fans are happy about the “beautiful photo” of the two.

Lisa and Thomas Muller have been married for ten years. In winter 2009, the soccer player and the rider had secretly, quietly and quietly said yes.

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