Swiss champion: Wilenerin Granwehr wins second U18 title


The 16-year-old Wilener Alina Granwehr is one of the greatest young Swiss tennis talents: at the weekend she won her fifth Swiss championship title in Bern.

Fifth Swiss championship title: Alina Granwehr is unstoppable even at level U18.

“Consistently sovereign and without losing a set,” is how the national Swiss Tennis performance center describes the use of Alina Granwehr from Wilen at this year’s Junior Champion Trophy in Bern. The 16-year-old is said to have mastered her matches with flying colors: Granwehr has already won her fifth gold medal at Dahlholzli in Bern – and only two days before her 17th birthday. This is already her second championship title, because in January (see article below) she won the indoor championships. In addition, this is already the second victory for the Hinterthurgau woman in the U18 category – the so-called premier class of young tennis players. As in the beginning of the year, Granwehr played against Sophie Luscher in the final. “I really wanted to win in both winter and summer,” Granwehr told Swiss Tennis after her title win. It was cool that she had achieved this goal. (pd)


Granwehr also dominates the premier class (January 13th):

If you need numbers to prove Alina Granwehr’s ambitions, it is this: The 16-year-old is the best Swiss tennis player in her year, already number 31 in the country and listed in position 170 in the world rankings. So it is not surprising that she has already won several Swiss championship titles in the various junior levels. The fourth came in Kriens at the weekend. For the first time, the Hinterthurgauer competed in the U18 category – the premier class in the offspring – and had her competitors under control at all times. In the final, she only gave adversary Sophie Luscher, who had triumphed at the last Swiss championships at level U18 last summer, only six games and won 6: 4, 6: 2. No other opponent in the top seeded Alina Granwehr managed to do so. In short: She played in her own league at this level. “This title is a confirmation of the hard work and I am really happy about it,” Alina Granwehr told Swiss Tennis. She had already become Swiss champion last summer, but at that time still at level U16.

The successes are no accident. The Wilenerin relies entirely on the tennis menu and has been visiting the national tennis performance center in Biel for over two years. And what are the next goals? It’s about playing in the top 100 in the junior world rankings. Then she could play in Junior Grand Slam tournaments.

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Alina Granwehr won her first gold medal at level U18 at Swiss championships.

Young Uzwiler wants to go to the Olympic Games

The Wilenerin is not the only tennis talent in the Wil region who is currently on the way up. The 14-year-old Uzwiler Karolina Kozakova always draws attention to herself – and also has big plans. She once wanted to be one of the top ten tennis players in the world and represent Switzerland at the Olympic Games. At the Swiss Championships in Kriens, she competed for the first time at level U16 – and played until the final. There she had to admit defeat to the great dominator Celine Naef: 0: 6, 1: 6. Naef is also only 14 years old. Karolina Kozakova is still attending secondary school. After graduating in summer 2020, she also wants to concentrate fully on tennis.

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