The acting governor of the province of Liege against the compulsory mask throughout the territory of the municipalities, including Seraing


Wearing a compulsory mask everywhere, in all places, is what some mayors of the province of Liege had decided, in the wake of the CNS on July 23. This decision had been taken in Waremme, Chaudfontaine and Seraing. The acting governor of the province of Liege, Catherine Delcourt, however, considered that the health situation of these municipalities did not require such a decision, too disproportionate according to her. She then asked the mayors of these municipalities to reverse their decision.

“The ministerial decree following the CNS of July 23 specifies that it is a question of determining on each municipal territory, the places with high frequentation” recalls Catherine Delcourt “wearing a mask in the middle of a wood or on the edge of a deserted street, that doesn’t make sense. Let’s not forget that wearing a mask is one of the measures. Other measures have been taken , especially all these gestures barrier, this social distancing which must prevail ” and add “I have no doubt that these burgomasters acted in the interest of their fellow citizens, as a precautionary measure. It is by no means a showdown between them and me”.

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In Seraing, the mayor Francis Bekeart had not yet signed the police order, making it compulsory to wear a mask everywhere in his entire municipality. “Of any way, if I had already signed it, the governor would have sent it to the tutelage which would certainly have taken an order to cancel it ” he said bitterly. “I certainly don’t blame Mme Delcourt, she is doing her job and the Federal government is certainly imposing things on her” he said again “when I saw what was happening abroad and even at home in Belgium with a new increase in positive cases, I said to myself that wisdom perhaps asked to impose the wearing of the mask everywhere on the territory seresian “ he adds.

Francis Bekeart, who since the start of the crisis has been advocating the wearing of a compulsory mask, said he was all the more disappointed that in other cities and other provinces, such as Charleroi, wearing a mask is currently compulsory everywhere.

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