The Centurion operation was closed: how much does Velez pay and what percentage does Racing have left?


It rang to go to Boca, it seemed that San Lorenzo was getting strong but finally it was Velez who put the dollars and stayed with Ricardo Centurion, who had worn the Fortin shirt under the orders of Gabriel Heinze until the coronavirus pandemic forced soccer to stop. At Racing they did not want to know anything about keeping him but they were clear that they were looking for a sale and not a new loan. And everything came to fruition.
What will the operation be like? Velez will buy 40% of the pass, as announced on his official Twitter account, and has a purchase obligation of another 10% by June 2021, so it will end up acquiring 50% of Centurion’s economic rights, in addition to 100% of the federative ones. How much will you have to pay? Between the two operations it will cost a total of 2.5 million gross dollars. You will sign a contract for a two-year extension.

This was a situation that Racing wanted to resolve as soon as possible. He knew that the post pandemic market was going to be difficult and he took the opportunity to get some juice out of one of the club’s assets that already had its doors closed in terms of football. On the side of Velez they took the opportunity to stay for a bargain price with a player of supreme quality and who surrendered more than enough during his few games at the club.

“Ricardo Centurion will continue his career in Velez. We will always be grateful for your contribution to our successes. Good luck in this new stage, Ricky!” Racing said goodbye on his social networks. Although he will keep 50% of the pass, he is purely thinking of a future sale.

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