The great goal that made him “lose a big twine” to Gallego in River


Juan Jose Jayo, former soccer player from Union de Santa Fe, recalled Tatengue’s historic 2-1 win against River at the Monumental (in which he scored a goal), in Clausura 2000, and his conversation with Americo Ruben Gallego years later.

“River’s goal on the field has a history. Nery (Pumpido, the coach) tells me ‘here when you are going to make a goal’, because I came from making the goal in the national team. So I said to him ‘the weekend will play make a goal…’ and we play a grill for the entire campus. The Thursday before the game I ask who we played against and they told me ‘with River in the Monumental …’ and There I said to my teammates: ‘Did you guys let me make a bet from a grill on campus playing against River?’ “he recalled.

On that occasion, the Peruvian opened the scoring with a goal from almost half the court. “Everyone was laughing and well, it happened that it was not only a goal, but it was a very nice goal and in the following week Nery fulfilled”, he stated in an interview with I AM Sports.

“When we finished the game and won 2 to 1 in that place, we couldn’t believe it. It was everyone’s emotion. Then we realized the magnitude of the game we had won “he added.

Even for the Millionaire coach, that meeting made a significant impact. Jayo revealed a conversation he had with Gallego years later: “Once Tolo went to Peru with Independiente to play against Alianza. Silvera was there and he comes over to chat with me and Tolo appears and said to me: ‘You don’t know the prize you made me lose in that match. We had an award for winning that championship unbeaten and you made me lose a big twine … ‘ We with Union were the only ones who beat him in that tournament, “he said.

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