The hand in hand of Messi and Cristiano post pandemic


Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the two greatest players of the last decade, always invite comparison. Their records are so impressive that they seem to have no rivals among deadly footballers, but the stoppage due to the pandemic of the coronavirus raised the question of whether they could return at the same level. How is the heads-up between the two since the resumption of the game in Europe?

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Both Messi (33 years old) and Ronaldo (35) remain as essential pieces for their teams and the proof is that both played all the games of Barcelona and Juventus since the restart.

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In just under a month, Messi played nine games, all by League, while Cristiano came out eight times on the court: six for Serie A and two for the Italia Cup. The difference lies in the accumulation of minutes, because Leo not only has one more encounter, but never came out: accumulate 810 minutes without rest.

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CR7 was also always from the start but in one match he was replaced (vs. Genoa 16 ‘from the end), with which his bustle is much less than that of Rosario: 704 minutes on court from the return to action.

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How did your teams do in that period? Barcelona is undefeated with six wins and three draws, but Real Madrid took away the top of La Liga: he has a point advantage but has one less game.

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Juventus, meanwhile, was able to afford to stumble once in Serie A, but as its pursuers also left (several) points along the way, it remains the leader, with an eight-point lead over Lazio. Four wins, three draws and one loss for Vecchia Signora since the restart, which also lost the Italy Cup final on penalties to Napoli.

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Both were decisive for their teams, but while Leo was more dedicated to making Barsa play than putting it in, Ronaldo continues to impose himself by force of goals. Messi adds three screams -two penalties-, including 700 of his career, and nine assists. Cristiano put it seven times (four penalties and one missed), and has two goal passes.

Messi leads the scoring chart (22 points) and is a record for assists (20) in Spain, while Cristiano is the second calcium gunner, with 28 screams, one less than Ciro Immobile.


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