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The officers attacked the church in South Africa – at least five died – Abroad


In South Africa, at least five people were killed after gunmen attacked a church in Zuurbekom near Johannesburg on Saturday.

According to police, there was probably a dispute over the leadership of the church behind the incident.

Forty people were arrested by police, six of whom were taken to hospital for treatment. Dozens of weapons ended up in the hands of the police.

– Four people were found in the car and had been shot and burned to death. The fifth casualty was a guard who was also found shot in the car, a police statement said.

South African police say they rescued men, women and children from a ‘hostage situation’, said BBC.

A rare violent incident happened early Saturday when an armed group crashed into a church belonging to the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. According to police, the group apparently intended to take over the church premises.

Local media have reported a number of clashes over the church’s legacy after the church leader and its founder, a multimillionaire, Glayton Modise died in 2016.

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