“The recess is over”, the municipality of Willebroek, in the province of Antwerp, cancels the events and imposes the mask!


All events, whether neighborhood parties, streets closed to allow children to play, etc., will be canceled until the end of August, the municipality decided. And it will be compulsory to wear the mask in public spaces, except if you are playing sports or cycling.

There have recently been some (ten) new coronavirus contaminations in this town of about 27,000 inhabitants.

“I note that despite our efforts to educate residents, there is no improvement,” said the mayor. “We must therefore go a step further. Our security forces will increase controls and will be strict on compliance with the measures ”.

The mayor is also happy with the impetus given by the provincial governor Cathy Berx. The provincial crisis unit decided this weekend to limit contacts to a maximum of ten per person in the province. It encourages all citizens to keep a register of these contacts.

“I hope that every citizen of Willebroek will follow the rules to stop the spread of the virus together. I understand that these new measures are hard for residents and associations. We are looking at what additional support we can give them, ”added Eddy Bevers.

A very large part of the contaminations in the province of Antwerp, the most affected in the whole country in recent weeks, is in fact concentrated in the city of Antwerp. But his mayor, another N-VA, Bart De Wever, has so far not wanted to impose any additional drastic measure to stem the spread in his neighborhoods.

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