The traffic light will come on on Monday. Ražova will have the main word


“The last word in how the region will be marked will be given by the chief hygienist Ražova. The Regional Hygiene Station will then set up the appropriate measures, “said Minister Vojtěch, adding that they will also be responsible for them.

However, Ražova should also agree with the regional hygienists on what measures will be taken. If there is a discrepancy between them, the chief hygienist should have the last word.

The restrictions adopted should not be too different from those assigned by the ministry to the individual stages of the traffic light. “It should be coordinated,” the minister said.

Monday at 12:00

Although the updated traffic light will “light up” over the Czech Republic on Monday, the data will be evaluated by hygienists on Friday, when they will also agree on the adoption of appropriate epidemiological measures.

Decisions will be made according to data from the Institute of Health Information and Statistics, which will always provide Chief Hygienist Jarmila Ražova with the documents on Friday. These will be based not only on the current number of patients with covid-19, but also on the long-term trend or the proportion of those infected in risk groups.

The traffic light will be published by the ministry for the first time on Monday, August 3, and will be updated at weekly intervals. The risk of infection will be divided into four color grades – white, green, yellow and red, on the basis of which appropriate measures will be taken against the spread of coronavirus.

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