those days and goodbye? So pr no! Lucescu is a fan of fans, eventually staying in Kiev


Kou, who celebrated his fifth birthday today, decided to take a step forward in the midst of his rich career. M lift up the Ukrainian Dynamo Kyiv, a famous character, which bag u long ek on the shower.

Work under great pressure, strong strain on the nerves, great results. Nothing out of the ordinary so far.

Ukzalo se, e velkm problmem me bt Lucescova minulost.

The former Romanian national team for twelve years (!) Led the biggest competitor of the Kiev giant: achtar Donck. In addition to eight titles and six domestic games with him in the 2008/09 season, he also won the UEFA Cup. For the first time in recent years, Dynamo has been looking at whether. In the last season, it even lost an abysmal 23 points.

When Thursday signed a two-year contract, the hard core of Dynamos supporters did not take it for granted. Trenrapivtalo with rebels, spray-painted walls with hate messages, internet posts, on which Lucesc created an ankle from ly clubs.

Oleg Blochin and Ihor Blanov joined the fans, and Lucescu backed away after those days.

I don’t understand that our own fans acted against the zjmm club. For this reason, I decided to end my collaboration with Dynamo. I thank the club chairman Surkis for the court, but he can’t work in such a non-hostile environment, he said on Monday for the Romanian magazine Gazeta Sporturilor.

However, Dynamo did not confirm his attempt to resign, on the contrary! It’s hard to judge what happened in the background of the whole case, but the situation seems to have calmed down, at least for now.

The ownerIhor Surkis first ashes that Lucescu would be riding. A day later, the Romanian coach also spoke at the official trip.

Mr. President, I deeply respect your commitment to the development of Dynamo. My worries stemmed from the fact that I did not want football families in Kiev to see problems. I am sure that we will achieve the expected results and work will radically change the view of my name, he said on the club’s website.

It is certain that Dynamo is behind the involvement of the former Trenrarumun and Turkish national darkness, Dinam Bukure, Zenit St. Petersburg and Inter Miln. He says that Lucescu is the first to get the Kiev club back to the Ukrainian peak after this year.

The question is how to see it after the infamous Lucescu himself and how long he lasted.

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