Tires flying from a burning crane in the Vyškov region destroyed the surrounding houses


When the firefighters arrived, the crane was on fire. Due to the heat, all the tires on the car gradually exploded and flew a few meters away. The fire damaged power lines on the road and threatened electric shock. Firefighters had to wait for power engineers to turn off the electricity in the village to start extinguishing effectively. The flames were brought under control after forty minutes.

Crane fire in Kozlany in the Vyškov region

Photo: HZS Jihomoravskeho kraje

“After the wreck was finished and cooled, a specialized company loaded it and took it away. Larger amounts of diesel and hydraulic oil leaked from the crane onto the road. Operating fluids reached the local stream. Firefighters laid sorption snakes on the water surface so that the operating fluids would not flow away, “said Jan Dvořak, a spokesman for the Fire and Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region.

Technical problem

The fire was caused by a technical fault on the moving vehicle. Tire explosions damaged the glass panels of three family houses. One tire damaged the facade and roof of a family house. The other flew out the window into the room where she had caused the fire. The third tire flew into the bushes and did no major damage.

Only a charred wreck remained from the truck crane.

Photo: HZS Jihomoravskeho kraje

One of the houses was inspected by a structural engineer to rule out a disturbance in the stability of the building. The flames also damaged the power lines. “The amount of damage is under investigation and, according to the investigators, it will be in the order of millions of crowns,” Dvořak added. During the strike, pressure waves knocked several people to the ground. Two firefighters were subsequently taken away by the rescue service, and after inspection and treatment, they were already released from the hospital.

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