Travel abroad: several countries go orange, what consequences?


“Increased vigilance” is required of Belgians who travel to and from Bulgaria, Croatia, Luxembourg and Romania.

Lhe bulgaria, croatia, luxembourg and romania are now on the “orange” light for departures, on the list of countries drawn up and regularly updated by the FPS Foreign Affairs in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the orange zone, no travel ban. It is possible to travel to these countries, subject to quarantine, a test or other conditions (sometimes defined by the host countries). “Increased vigilance” is therefore required of Belgians who go to the four new countries recently “orange”.

In the other countries also included in the orange zone for departures, the conditions are more strict: Cyprus (compulsory test), Denmark (compulsory test for Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Iceland (compulsory test or quarantine) and Ireland (quarantine) .

What do the colors mean?

For returns now. In theory, it’s easy to understand. For the red zones, Belgium issues a formal travel ban. Belgians who nevertheless return from these areas must undergo screening and quarantine. Are considered as “red zones” cities, municipalities, districts, regions or countries reconfigured by the country in question. The list of red zones may be extended, on the basis of an opinion from the Evaluation Unit (Celeval).

For the orange zones, Belgium strongly advises against traveling. Travelers returning from these areas are asked to exercise “increased vigilance”. Are considered as “orange zones” cities, municipalities, districts, regions or countries for which a high health risk is noted.

It is therefore not compulsory to be screened or to spend several days in quarantine. It is recommended that you consult your doctor if you have symptoms of the disease. The latest information is available on the Foreign Affairs website.

Green zones are those that present no particular danger, beyond compliance with basic health measures.

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