Tropical Storm US border: Tropical Storm knocks down part of the wall between Mexico and the US | International


The tropical storm ‘Hanna made landfall on Saturday, July 25, and during the afternoon of July 26, the strong rains and winds knocked down a part of the border wall that divides U.S and Mexico.

Although it is not known which section was affected, it is presumed that the fall of the wall occurred in Texas, where Hanna (which was considered a category 1 hurricane) made landfall since Saturday.

Given this fact, in social networks They have questioned whether the investment in the wall has been correct since it was considered that the wall should not receive maintenance and should be considered almost indestructible over time, however, it did not resist the weather.

In neighboring regions, such as Camargo, Tamaulipas and Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, heavy rains have been reported that have come to cause flooding in these regions of Mexico.

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