Trump warns that the United States will return to climate agreements


In the event of his election defeat in November, US President Donald Trump warned his supporters against the US returning to the Paris climate protection agreement. When visiting an oil production facility in Midland, Texas, the Republican said such a move would disadvantage the US in global competition and cost “billions of dollars.”

If the Democrats came to power, they would destroy not only the oil and gas industry, but the entire US economy. The United States would then become “another Venezuela”. Trump is currently behind nationwide polls behind his designated challenger in the election, Joe Biden.

In the event of his election victory, the democratic ex-vice president Biden has promised to return to the Paris climate protection agreement and has announced even more ambitious goals. Trump had announced the exit from the UN climate agreement after taking office in early 2017.

Official visit to Texas as a campaign event

Trump’s visit to Texas was declared the President’s trip and paid for by US taxpayers. In large parts, however, Trump’s appearance resembled an election campaign event. Biden and the “radical left” Democrats took a keen interest in the president.

“They want to uproot and destroy all American values,” Trump said. “They want to wipe out every trace of religion from national life. They want to indoctrinate our children, deprive the police of funding, abolish the suburbs, instigate unrest and hand over every city to the radical left. ”These claims do not match Biden’s actual program.

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