Uncharted 5? New Sony studio to work on another adventure game


Come in Uncharted 5? Or even a series reboot? Above all, the game series can convince at all if Naughty Dog doesn’t work on it …

It is no secret. Microsoft has invested heavily in the first-party games with the acquisition of several developers for Xbox Game Studios. For the Xbox Series X, you can expect a lot more exclusive products than in Xbox One times. A clear strength for Sony, which came up with many first-class exclusive production and could thus get a clear advantage over the Xbox console. But now Microsoft followed suit Sony would like to keep his position.

Uncharted 2 (Wallpaper)

Uncharted 5 or a full reboot?

As early as 2018, a number of job offers indicated that Sony is considering starting a new studio. Well, the rumors say the studio is in San Diego (USA) an der Uncharted-Serie should work. Even then, there was some evidence that it could be the award-winning PlayStation game series. After all, we were looking for applicants who are interested in third-person action games and who are looking for “cooperation” with a “large Sony development studio”. Who could that mean?

Around the same time, it was discovered on ResetEra that a PlayStation employee had been working on a unannounced game with Naughty Dog. After all, the first-party developer was very busy with The Last of Us 2 in 2018. At least one or more people have chosen Naughty Dog from the new video game studio Sony connected.

As PushSquare noted, Naughty Dog’s Nature Artist, Zak Oliver, moved to the “Visual Arts Studio Group”, a company owned by Sony, which is said to have branched into production. (At the moment, it is best known for motion capture work on games like God of War from 2018).

Of course it doesn’t have to mean anything, but somehow it would have something. Quasi a developer offshoot of Naughty Dog, the one at Uncharted continues to work. Whether it is Uncharted 5 or one Reboot is currently not clear. Sony will show us some exclusive games for the upcoming PS5. Maybe already in August 2020.

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