Village Head’s Explanation about the Front of Wisnu’s House Built by a Wall by a Neighbor

5 – Video footage showing Wisnu Widodo, a resident of Gandukild Village, Sukorejo District, Ponorogo Regency, East Java, climbing a wall fence when entering and leaving his house, was viral on social media.

Regarding the viral video, the Village Chief of Ganduk once Suroso confirmed it.

According to him, Wisnu indeed must climb the one-meter high wall when he was about to enter and exit his house.

Because the wall fence was built right in front of Vishnu’s house by his own neighbor with the initials M. So he does not have access to the road to enter his own house.

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The dispute between neighbors according to him triggered a trivial problem. Namely his initials M often stepped on chicken droppings when passing in front of Vishnu’s house.

Angry, M then built a wall fence right in front of the massage therapist’s house. So that makes Vishnu difficult when entering and leaving the house.

“M and her husband pass by sometimes, sometimes teasing eggs (stepping on chicken droppings) which triggers problems. Finally the fence, “said Suroso, Friday (7/20/2020).

Mediation failed

The dispute case between neighbors, according to him, has been repeatedly mediated. But always failed.

Though the wall fence was erected on land owned by the village. But it was claimed to be one-sided by neighboring Vishnu.

Because mediation efforts always lead to a dead end, Suroso continued, the case was finally brought to court and was won by Vishnu as the injured party.

It’s just that the neighbor initials M still refused to dismantle it. M insisted that he had ownership of the land.

Even to just give access to the road in front of Vishnu’s house, he still refused.

“Insisted the M felt that it was his right,” said Suroso.

“At that time I gave a court letter, and heard about the appeal of the M,” he said.

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4 years climbing the fence

Meanwhile, Wisnu admitted that he had been forced to climb the wall for four years when he was going to go in and out of his house.

To make it easier to pass through the fence, he uses a wooden chair for footing.

Wisnu said that the construction of the wall fence in front of his house had been carried out since 2017 by his neighbor with the initial M.

Many times mediation efforts have been made but they always lead to a dead end. As a result he had difficulty when going to his house.

“The wall fence was built in 2017,” said Wisnu when contacted.

“Yes, it’s difficult if you want to enter the house,” he added.

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Author: Magetan Contributor, Sukoco | Editor: Dheri Agriesta

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