visiting Florida, Trump persists in denial of pandemic


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                The President visited Florida on Friday as the state records one of the most dramatic increases in coronavirus contamination in the country.  Donald Trump continues to attribute the increase in the number of cases to the increase in the number of tests, and he continues to show foolproof optimism about the threat of the pandemic.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Washington,</em> <strong>Anne Corpet</strong>

In the past month, daily screening tests in the United States have increased by 33% and the number of cases detected by 167%. The spread of the disease is therefore very real. The number of deaths has also reached a record in Florida where the president visited this Friday. But Donald Trump has not mentioned the risks of the pandemic, he remains focused on the resumption of activities.

« We are working on the reopening of our country and schools under safe and responsible conditions, to have a country that turns 100% again, said the president. We’re breaking records in terms of jobs, we’re breaking a lot of records in many fields, we’re going to have a good third quarter and economically next year will be one of the best we’ve ever had “, He promised.

Donald Trump’s strategy was not approved by the Americans, however. According to a survey, only 33% of the population approves of its management of the health crisis. Again, the billionaire seems to be in denial: ” In real surveys we are in a very good position “, He assured this Friday.


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