Waldemar Krupski deletes his travel diary on his professional site.


Readers of the Swiss Ambassador’s husband in Senegal will have to resolve to be weaned. In any case for a moment. Waldemar Krupski, whose travel diary has been talked about in recent days and which has earned his wife Marion Weichelt Krupski a summons to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has removed the section devoted to these writings on his professional site devoted mainly to coaching in line.

Before its suppression, this part contained ten texts recounting the different very Senegalese experiences of this family counselor, also a housewife. Among these texts, the one who set fire to the powder and who almost caused a diplomatic incident between Switzerland and Senegal.

Entitled “The Future of Africa as a guest”, the forum published on “Urner Wochenblatt”, a digital platform from the Canton of Uri where Waldemar Krupski is from, took on two young Cameroonians for their lack of good manners. In addition to throwing empty bottles in the embassy garden, they behaved like children of the wealthy ignorant of good manners. A behavior that has had the gift of revolving the Iranian who fears that these two adolescents are part of the African elite of tomorrow. He took the opportunity to castigate the uproar that accompanies the movement of the Senegalese authorities.

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