WD Gold HDDs with 18 terabytes are now commercially available


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Image: Western Digital
Western Digital has released WD Gold with 18 terabytes of storage space on the end customer market. It is the first freely available hard disk with such a high capacity. In 2020, an HDD with 20 terabytes will also appear in stores.

Until now, Western Digital had only offered 18 terabyte HDDs to partners for data centers, but if you need to write so much data to a drive, you can now order them from several retailers in Germany. The price is currently around 600 euros, the manufacturer’s recommended retail price is 699 euros. The 3.5-inch hard disk filled with helium is designed for server operation and has the SATA III interface.

WD Gold is coming ePMR technology (Energy Assisted Perpendicular Magnetic Recording). An Ultrastar model with 20 terabytes announced by the manufacturer, however, relies on SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording). The data tracks overlap with SMR, which is why under certain circumstances the write speed can drop significantly. The 20 terabyte hard drive will appear on the consumer market in the next quarter, according to a press release.

The WD Gold with 18 terabytes works at 7,200 revolutions per minute and has a 512 megabyte cache. There is a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on the hard drive and with an MTBF value of up to 2.5 million hours it should be very reliable or long-lasting. The WD Gold series was launched in 2016 and is designed for data centers.

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