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McLaren finished fourth in the Constructors’ Cup last year. This year’s goal was to defend this position. But it will be a big battle between Racing Point, Ferrari and McLaren.

“We have the opportunity to beat Ferrari,” Norris told Reuters. “We have the opportunity to fight them all season.”

“It would mean a lot to the team if we took another step this year and beat the team that led for many years to show the progress we have made.”

“It would add a bit of a special incentive to keep working and beat them in the future.”

According to Norris, the team is preparing more new parts, so it expects improvement. “It looks like Ferrari is in a difficult situation right now. They had big improvements or a lot of them for Budapest, so it looks much more promising than we expected, because they don’t have a performance anywhere close to what we’re used to. ”

Karma is karma. He doesn’t make fun of Sainz

Norris’s teammate Carlos Sainz will move to Ferrari next year. But Norris doesn’t make fun of him.

“There were a few jokes, but nothing offensive or serious. I know how karma works and how easily things can change. I think Ferrari will beat us quite easily in some races this year, and Carlos will be the one to say, ‘Look whos laughing now.’ ”

“I know that Formula One can change and they will probably do a very good job of getting back to normal and being very competitive.”

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