“Whatever happens I’ll get paid, so I don’t care”


Kyle Kuzma will be eligible to sign a contract extension this summer, but at the Lakers he will not be able to claim the same salary as the other players in his cuvee who have established themselves as All-Stars like Donovan Mitchell, Bam Adebayo or Jayson Tatum. De’Aaron Fox He should also be able to sign a big contract this summer. Kuzma may have to wait until next summer to sign a big deal, as the Lakers are unlikely to give him an attractive extension as early as this year.

“Whatever happens I’ll get paid, so I don’t care. It will happen someday, so I don’t think about it. ” Kuzma

Jared Dudley, who took him under his wing, confided that he often raised this subject with the young winger.

“I keep talking to Kuz about money. The players want to be paid. I told him: ‘listen, I’ve been with Book (Devin Booker), Bradley Beal, John Wall, D’Angelo (Russell) and I’m telling you, your point average doesn’t play a role in the amount of your contract. ” Dudley

The important thing is to accept your role and be a star in it according to Dudley.

“I saw Otto Porter get a max contract turning 13 points per game. He’s better than him. Kuz is more talented than Ottto Porter. He’s more athletic, he can do more things. But Otto Porter is a star in his role. ” Dudley

And Kuzmas role at the Lakers is to be the 3rd option behind at best Anthony Davis and LeBron James. It’s a subject we were talking about in the media lately with his coach Frank Vogel and Jared Dudley. If he would no doubt like to have the responsibilities of some of his acolytes of the same vintage mentioned above, the Lakers are asked less to score, but to be more versatile.

“Obviously he can be a lot better, he’s a young player, but he’s bringing a lot now. You know, he’s in a tough spot, because there are a lot of his counterparts his age, who are on teams without established superstars, and therefore have bigger roles. And he is able to have a bigger role. But in this team his role is different and he accepts it really well. He’s trying to find ways to contribute to winning matches. He has a great attitude. In fact it has helped him have a more versatile game, as he doesn’t just focus on scoring, there’s defense, rebounding, hustle plays, those are things you might not be. not be as focused if you are the focal point of the attack. I think over time it will really help his career. ” Vogel

“Our 3rd man is Kyle Kuzma. Now, has Kyle had the consistency that he’s the 3rd guy on your team? I think people have to realize that this is him behind AD, and if Bron sometimes plays at post 4 and he spends the whole game there, every time AD has been away, I guarantee that if you watch his stats he is running over 20 points. In my eyes, when I look at this team, Kyle Kuzma is our 3rd man. I see this as an opportunity for Kyle Kuzma to solidify his role as 3rd man, not just for the media, but for this team and the way I see it. ” Dudley

So, Kuzma, the Lakers’ third option?

“I do not even think about it. I don’t care about that. The important thing is the collective. This is how we approach it. Obviously I’m thinking of scoring and creating my own shoot, but I try to play fair. The media are trying to make a big deal. I’m just me and I do what I can do. ” Kuzma

He puts the team first, to the point that if he has to leave the bubble for an emergency, he’ll likely choose not to.

“It would be difficult for me because I’m trying to win a ring, so I’m staying here. If anything happens, I apologize in advance. ” Kuzma

Via NBA.com et The Athletic.

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