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Very useful. If you are one of those who uses WhatsApp even in somewhat complicated situations such as using a smartphone, then you should know that there is a trick that allows you to read and reply to messages without even touching your phone Do you want to know how? Here we will detail it.

This method is only available for Android, but there are very similar alternatives for iPhone and other Ios devices. It is also worth noting that it works for both WhatsApp and other messaging applications: Telegran, Facebook Messenger, etc.

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How to read and reply to WhatsApp messages without touching our smartphone?

To do this, it will only be necessary to use the voice assistant included in almost all devices Android: the Google assistant. This is capable of performing a simple WhatsApp task being commanded only by our words. To activate it, you just have to follow these steps:

– Open the application Google in you smartphone Android

– Go to the bottom right and tap Setting and then in Voice

– In section Hey Googleclick on Voice Match

– Then activate Hey Google

Done, now your voice assistant Android it is configured to recognize your voice. What remains is to link it with WhatsApp.

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To activate it with WhatsApp —and any other messaging app— just say “Ok google read my messages” The first time you do this, it will make you Android I ask you for permission for this app to use your voice. Just click OK and then activate the option Allow access to notifications.

After doing this, the assistant Google It will be able to read all your WhatsApp messages, regardless of whether they are short or long. After reading each chat, it will ask you if you should answer, so you can also dictate an answer.

You can use this option to respond to urgent messages every time you are busy cooking or driving; Of course, the assistant will ask you about whether you wrote your answer correctly before sending a message via WhatsApp and thus avoid misunderstandings as usually happens with the autocorrector.

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