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The request made by the mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero to bring Cuban doctors and attend the pandemic has generated responses for and against.

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The Colombian government rejected the possibility of bringing a Cuban medical mission. President Duque affirmed that “calling foreign doctors is a situation of extreme need,” he added that “The important thing is to be clear that here there is no bias or discrimination with respect to countries, but there are procedures that have been rigorously established.”

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For his part, Cuba says that the criticism of the doctors in its country “are childish fallacies” and defended the scientific capacity of its professionals, by referring to the World Health Organization.

The United States was not far behind. Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State of the United States, took from a news portal the note ‘The truth about medical missions in Cuba, in which they affirm that the conditions for doctors are “abusive”.

“Today more than ever, healthcare workers are a valuable resource. But Cuban “medical missions” are exploitation: a front to finance the repression of the regime, and to sow political division. Cuban doctors and their patients deserve better ”, the secretary had written on May 1, the trill was taken up by the account of the United States embassy in Colombia on July 27.

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Likewise, the embassy recalled that the United States has allocated more than $ 30 million in assistance to Colombia during assistance to the pandemic.

In the same way, the press office of US Senator Marco Rubio indicated as an “important decision” that Colombia not accept Cuban medical missions.

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“Important decision of our ally Colombia by not supporting these” missions “whose sole objective is to illegally enrich the elite of the regime from Cuba. Latin American countries should not participate in the exploitation of medical personnel by the Cuban dictatorship, “wrote the senator.

In addition, on June 18, a group of US senators presented a bill to punish countries that contract medical missions in Cuba by considering them complicit in human trafficking.

The objective of the senators – Rick Scott, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, the latter two with Cuban parents – is to stop the income Cuba receives from its medical missions, which according to lawmakers is about 7,000 million dollars annually.

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The bill, called “Stop the Profits of the Cuban Regime”, urges the State Department to identify nations receiving medical missions as a factor to consider when writing the report on human trafficking in the world.

The legislators indicated that the host countries of Cuban doctors will be exempt from the sanctions as long as they directly deposit the salaries to the professionals, make the contracts public and do not make additional payments to Cuba for their work.

“These medical missions seem like gestures in good faith, but they are really used by Raul Castro and Miguel Diaz-Canel to fill the chests that finance the oppression of the Cuban people. This bill will clarify who his international accomplices are, “said Senator Ted Cruz.

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For his part, Rick Scott said that Cuba “now uses the coronavirus pandemic to make a profit at the expense of these doctors” and considered that “any country that requests medical assistance from Cuba is supporting human trafficking”.

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