Why you shouldn’t use a fan this summer!


In recent years, studies have warned us more and more against the harmful effects of an accessory widely used in our homes in summer: the fan! This year, it will be more than necessary to do without. Explanations.

If you are used to sleeping with a fan because you live in a hot country or it is simply very hot in your apartment, you might want to consider changing this habit. It is true, this object, which seems revolutionary to us during periods of strong heat, helps more than one to spend the night. But beware…

In this time of a global pandemic, it is strongly recommended not to use a fan or air conditioner this summer. Karine Lacombe, Professor in the infectious diseases department at Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris, explains why on the air RTL :

The ventilator will project the virus to other people. It is completely contraindicated in rooms where there are several people.

The reason ? The air conditioning circulates the air in the same direction, without evacuation to the outside. Result: “The particles stay in the air and in addition, they can go a further distance with this flow of air” according to Health Magazine. And that’s not his only flaw.

Karine Lacombe specifies that:

We have shown that the air conditioning itself was not a vector of the coronavirus at all. Placing vulnerable people in areas that are air conditioned does not increase the risk of coronavirus transmission and decreases the risk of heatwaves.

Good news therefore for those who have air conditioning at home. However, it is essential to continue to ventilate your rooms properly!

The fan, the enemy of sleep?

According to The Sleep Advisor, left on while you sleep, the ventilator is guilty of several inconveniences that you probably never suspected. Among other disappointments, it raises dust and pollen that infest your sinuses and make the most asthmatics among you live an ordeal and spreads dry air that dries the skin and eyes and causes irritation. And if the “white sounds” it emits can serve as a lullaby, we do not recommend that you keep it on all night.

Risks in the elderly

In 2016, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Center (United States) already warned about the dangers of electric fans. Increased dangers in the elderly, victims of reduced sweating capacity. For the latter, the risks are even more alarming: increased blood pressure and heart problems among others.

So, if the fan remains an ideal companion at certain times of the day, let’s avoid making it our best ally this summer as much as possible.

More details in our video.

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