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YouTube is the video platform that we use the most to see endless musical, educational, documentary and even tutorials that are very helpful. Therefore, on some occasions we want to keep one of these videos in our PC, laptop The smartphone. There is an easy way to download them and here we show you.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to download YouTube videos for free without installing programs. Whether in Windows, Mac and even in Android and iOSDownloading clips is extremely easy if we find the right trick and page.

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Next, we are going to show you the best options to download a YouTube video without programs, simpler and faster options to save it so that you can see it on your smartphone o PC in better quality.

Trick to download YouTube videos on a PC or laptop

Although downloading videos from a website is fine, the best trick to download YouTube clips without programs is to add “pp” after the word “youtube” in the video URL. Follow these steps:

-Add “pp” after the word “youtube” and press “enter” in the address bar

-You will enter the website and you only have to click on the link that appears and download the video in the quality you want.

Unlike other methods, you can also download your favorite YouTube video in mp3 or audio only format.

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Trick to download YouTube videos on a smartphone

Unfortunately, this trick cannot be applied on the mobile version of YouTube, so you have to resort to Savefrom. When entering this website, we copy the URL of the video that we want to download and that’s it. A few quality options will appear, select the one that interests you the most and start downloading the clip.

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