5 National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Officers Arrested When Taking Action Hostage, Smasking until Requesting a Ransom Victim


Deputy of the Eradication of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Inspector General Arman Depari (left) after successfully capturing the action of a conspiracy of BNN officers who were fake or fake (Source: Special)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS. TV – A total of 5 (five) people who claimed to be officers of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) managed to arrest residents who were accused of using drugs in Depok, West Java, Tuesday night (4/8/2020).

With complete attributes and narcotics police equipment, the five people named Adis, Rizki, Dika, Silva, and Lucky trapped and arrested Aftalah with Rafhi.

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After successfully secured, two residents named Aftalah and Rafhi were then held captive and held hostage by the BNN officer.

Oops … be careful and be aware! it turns out that the five perpetrators of captivity and hostage taking were BNN officers who were fake or fake.

That was stated by the Deputy of Eradication of BNN, Inspector General Arman Depari to Kompas.tv, Wednesday (5/8/2020).

“Based on the report and the collaboration of the parents and families of the victims with BNN, we were able to arrest those perpetrators last night, Tuesday (4/8/2020),” Arman said, in his written statement on Wednesday.

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