6 predictions for the rest of 2020: elections, coronaviruses, natural disasters and more


There are still five months to go until 2020, a historic year that has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic that is being experienced, so many wonder what will happen in the future.

Astrologer Adriana Hoyos and the tarot player Douglas Bernal They revealed the predictions for the remaining months of the year, and not all of them are positive, since catastrophes are looming in several aspects.

1. Outbreaks of different strains in November.
“The situation is going to be extremely complicated, it is very important that people become aware of taking care of themselves,” Hoyos said.

2. Controversy over the vaccine.
Reading the tarot cards, Douglas Bernal found that there will be stability and balance that come very slowly, but with wisdom. The vaccine will generate misunderstandings.

3. Donald Trump will win the elections.
Although a very young and non-United States candidate will emerge, the stars favor President Donald Trump for a new term as president.

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4. A political secret comes to light.
On the other hand, Douglas Bernal points out that there will be a last minute surprise in the elections, a secret that will give a positive change.

5. World economic catastrophe in March 2021.
According to astrologer Adriana Hoyos, the coronavirus pandemic will cause a huge recession at the beginning of next year, so the world economy will be severely affected. “The economic state will change a lot, to the point where the virtual currency will enter,” she said.

6. Unprecedented natural disasters.
Both Hoyos and Bernal point out that there will be a series of disasters around the world. In the United States there could be a hurricane alert in September, while in the rest of the world there will be earthquakes, volcanic explosions and a series of transformations.

“The four elements that are on the planet are going to take their toll, you have to be very aware of the hurricane that is approaching in September,” said the astrology specialist.

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