a 73-year-old pensioner raped in the middle of the street, the suspect is a municipal employee


It was close to 1:30 p.m. Thursday, when witnesses saw a 73-year-old pensioner being raped in a small residential street in Sainte-Catherine, north of Arras, as the Voix du Nord wrote. Fifty yards from her home. The victim said she was assaulted by a man on her way home. According to the Bethune prosecutor’s office, the individual allegedly “threw her to the ground, seized by the throat, threatened with death” and then forced her to have sex.

The attacker and his vehicle photographed

Still according to the Bethune prosecutor’s office, the attacker was put to flight by a couple of walkers, who had the presence of mind to photograph the attacker and his vehicle. These photographs made it possible to quickly identify the suspect, arrested in flagrante delicto rue Camille-Corot shortly before 2 p.m. It must be said that the man could not go unnoticed. Employed in the technical services of Sainte-Catherine for several years, according to the mayor Alain Van Ghelder, he had fled in a vehicle of the municipality.

Investigations are currently underway to learn more about the profile of the individual, almost unknown to justice until then. Computer requisitions must take place and a search was planned at his home. The Arras urban security brigade is responsible for the investigation.

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