A Devin Booker basket defeats the Los Angeles Clippers over the horn for some delusional Phoenix Suns


The Phoenix Suns are very serious in the NBA bubble, and even though their chances of reaching the playoffs are slim, they are taking the colors off their rivals at Disney. Devin Booker, with a masterful shot on the horn, gave the third win to the Arizona team by 117-115 about some Los Angeles Clippers that were overcome by the stubbornness of the rival.

The basket, above the iron defense of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, was the culmination of another tremendous effort by the Suns, led by their young star, who added 35 points and 8 assists. In their stay in the bubble, Phoenix has shown that they deserve to be in the elite despite being the West team that started with a greater disadvantage in the fight for the postseason.

Ricky Rubio returned to complete a round encounter with 18 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists. DeAndre Ayton, with 19 goals and 7 rebounds, presented a battle in the interior of the area with his best game so far in his restart. The magnificent choral performance of the team led by Monty Williams, who has clearly managed to motivate his pupils, was completed by Dario Saric (13 points and 8 rebounds) and Cameron Payne (12 points) from the bench.

The meeting was very close, a constant give and take that the angel stars did not know how to solve. A bad step by Ivica Zubac, who had a good game with 18 points and 12 rebounds, gave the Suns the final possession to win the game. With no pending downtime, the ball went into the hands of Booker, who at 23 years old has been the protagonist of unique nights in the NBA.

This will be one of them. Kawhi Leonard had 27 points and 7 rebounds, while Paul George contributed 23 points. Lou Williams, after his controversial excursion to Magic City, he was able to debut with his teammates with 7 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in 21 minutes of play.

The bad news for LA was the discomfort in the thigh of Patrick Beverley, who barely played eight minutes of the game. Despite the drop in Montrezl HarrellAway from the team on a personal matter, the Doc Rivers team was quite a challenge for the Arizonans.

The Clippers pulled hearth to tie the game two minutes from the conclusion. In a seen and unseen, the Suns had traced a 6-point lead in the final stretch. It smelled of defeat, or so all the sportsbooks would have said.

Booker then led the final holdings of the clash, first assisting Ayton and then settling the game on his own following a failure by Ricky. The Masnou guard missed a mid-range shot that would have overtaken his team with 12 seconds on the clock.

Fortune smiled at the Suns, who after the foolish loss of the Angelenos had the possibility of unseating the rival. They did it while the apotheosis on the bench from Phoenix, despite the chill of the bubble-free crowd. Phoenix’s third consecutive win puts them with 29 wins and 39 losses and a winning percentage of .426.

With the Kings triumph and defeat against the Mavs, the Suns are no longer bottom line in the fight for eighth and ninth places that will give access to the tournament of play-in to enter the playoffs. They are just one game away, right now, from the Portland Trail Blazers, ninth ranked with a .441 percentage.

Many of us had discounted them, but the Suns want to stay longer at Mickey Mouse’s house in Florida. At the moment they are on the right track.

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