“A great team, there are no ifs, ands or buts”


No miracle for Los Angeles last night: with their worst penalty shootout percentage of the season (35.4% in total from 25% at 3-points with a 10/40), they were no match for the Raptors (14/34 3-point) from Kyle Lowry, reigning champions and who have not lost to the Lakers since .. November 2014, 11 consecutive games.

“It’s a great team. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it. They are an exceptionally well-coached team that has champion DNA, having won a title is something you can never take away from a club. And even before that, they have players who have experience in the playoffs. The media might not be talking much about them because Kawhi (Leonard) is gone, but the players in the league know what kind of team they are, that’s for sure. »LeBron James

“In preparation it seemed that the attack was a little ahead of the defense but in these first two games, it’s the opposite for us. Our defense was very good, now you have to have the legs to put the shots to the other side, so I think it’s only a matter of time. ” Frank Vogel

LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the two players most used by Vogel on this meeting, did not particularly shine vis-a-vis their standards with respectively 20 points at 7/15, 10 rebounds and 5 assists and 14 points at 2/7, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks in 34 and 35 minutes.

“We executed our attack well to have the best possible shot tonight and we did 10/40 at 3-pointers. We had a lot of good positions on these 40 shots, now we have to put them. »LeBron James

Kyle Kuzma, Alex Caruso and Dion Waiters allowed the team to hang on and even lead to the break (44-41) thanks to their contribution from the bench, but that was not enough in the second half (66-48 conceded) . Davis, 1 point in the 1st half, was hampered by the two-way catches offered by Nick Nurse.

“When a team does as many two-man holds as they did tonight, the goal is for us to involve them more than we did. But I think he identified the two-man takes very well when they came in and he found open shots for the guys around. »Frank Vogel

“They had two-way strikes on Anthony and LeBron most of the game and left a lot of guys open. We just didn’t put on our shoots tonight. We got what we wanted, great shots, open shots. We didn’t manage to put them on. »Kyle Kuzma

Shortly before the end of the 3rd quarter, Lowry (33 points), had scored more points than all the starters of the Lakers (23-20). The latter nevertheless added 8 points to the clock at the end of the period. Led by only 2 points at the start of the 4th after being 13 points behind in the 3rd, the Lakers (dominated 51-40 on the rebound) managed to take a 4 point lead at the start of the last quarter after two 3- consecutive points from James.

“I was trying to put myself in an away game environment. It was a home game for the Raptors. And I like to take and put big shots on the opposing court. »LeBron James

OG Anunoby (23 points at 8/9) answered him with his own two distant missiles and Toronto did not give up the advantage until the buzzer then. Los Angeles only netted 3 of 11 attempts in the last 6.5 minutes of the game.

via L.A. Times

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