A man refusing to wear a mask injures two police officers in Turnhout


This Tuesday evening, two police inspectors were attacked and injured in Turnhout by a man who they had asked to put on a mask, local police said. The assailant was able to escape after the incident, but was caught after a brief search. The investigating judge ordered his arrest.

The inspectors arrested the man on Tuesday evening because he was not wearing a mask, yet mandatory in public space in the province of Antwerp. They then subjected him to an identity check. Police say that was when he lost control, possibly in part because he was staying in Belgium illegally. The man attacked the two policemen and fled. He tried to hide on rooftops and in backyards of houses, but was soon found and handcuffed.

Our colleagues have both been taken to Turnhout hospital for treatment and will be unable to work for some time.“, explained the police district of Turnhout.”One of them was even admitted to hospital.“The two victims were sent specifically to monitor compliance with measures related to the coronavirus.

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