A unique piece of American star. Can you do this in the pool?


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Have you caught the latest trend in social networking, the so-called Milk Challenge? The principle is simple – fill a glass with milk, do a hilarious trick so that not a drop drips, and then drink the glass. Before you take part in the action under the hashtag #GotMilkChallenge, let yourself be inspired – for example by the American swimming star Katie Ledecka.

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There can be no doubt about the unique technique of the five-time Olympic winner, but the piece that Ledecka demonstrated in the GotMilk challenge is still breathtaking.

The 23-year-old long-distance star sat a three-quarter glass full of chocolate milk on the top while training with a snorkel in a 50-foot pool, then gave thirty-seven graceful crawl shots without shaking her head and letting a drop of drink fall into the water.

“Perhaps one of the best swims of my career. What can you do without spilling a drop? “Ledecka wrote about the video on her Instagram profile. Immediately afterwards, the performance of the American star became a viral and earned enthusiastic reactions from swimming amateurs to professionals.

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